Take Part And Win

During the DJ Marathon weekend, several contasts will be running with some great prizes.

To Enter any of the following contests you can either e-mail monkeyboy@djmarathon.com or use the Contact Form.

Please be sure to make it clear which contest you are entering.

Guess The Last Song

Well, the heading kind of says it all. Just get in touch with what you think the last song of the entire DJ Marathon will be. Simples!

Pulling A Darren!

OK, this one might need a bit of explaining...

During my time at Mint FM, I've become known for dropping entertaining clangers, but doing it in such a way that it becomes part of the show.

So, if anyone on the station cocks up during their own show, it is now known as "pulling a Darren".

Ttake a guess as to how many times I will "pull a Darren" on air during the weekend. It's likely to be a lot. The winner is the person who gets closest.

If the contest is tied, the person with the least amount of guesses wins.

Please play fair and don't be greedy with your guesses as I'll reserve the right to not include any of them. If in doubt, just ask.

Guess The Size Of The Playlist

OK, simple, how many individual songs will I play over the course of 42 hours.

For example, if I play Robbie Williams' Rock DJ 3 times, only one will count.

Again, don't be greedy with guesses, ask if you're not sure if you've had too many. As a guide, 5 guesses will be fine, more than 10 is pushing it.